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Success LLC is one of the leading and most experienced exporters of refined petroleum products from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

In order to meet the customer’s requirement, we have striven hard to acquire our own drum packing facility whereby barrels are handpicked carefully to minimize any loss due to leakage/damage during the transit of the cargo till the destination. Some of our products include the following

  • Recycled Base Oil SN 500
  • Recycled Base Oil SN 150
  • Rubber Processing Oils
  • Parraffin Wax
  • Residue Wax
  • Slack Wax (Heavy and Light)
  • White Oils
  • Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly
  • Bitumen( All Grades)

Special Grades or requirements (eg; Flash Points: Aromatic or Paraffinic Content: Viscosity Indexes) can be supplied as well .


For complete analysis and specifications of the above, kindly request.